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BOOK REVIEW: Re-run the Fun - My Life as Pat Sharp

BOOK REVIEW: Re-run the Fun – My Life as Pat Sharp 
Pat Sharp with Darren Richman and Luke Catterson
5th November 2020, £20, Hardback


It’s an unusual concept. A life story based on fictitious events. A sorta-biography. 

Re-run the Fun – My Life as Pat Sharp, written by Pat Sharp, Darren Richman and Luke Catterson, goes on sale tomorrow and will surprise many... 

A whimsical, nostalgic trip back to the 80s and 90s, packed full of iconic showbiz moments which have simply been mixed with a little bit of make-believe. Clever, silly, laugh out loud funny, Re-run the Fun is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, whether you’re a fan of the mullet or not. 

Naturally, Pat’s (former) prized possession is one of the ‘essential elements’ of this book. Gems such as ‘by the time I started nursery, it was found that I was in the top one percentile for hair’, along with ‘I grew older, seasons changed and my hair grew more lustrous’, run throughout. They’re never ending, but so well written that the reader never tires, ‘Like David Bowie, I experimented with different voices, different personas, different hairstyles (OK, I admit, the last one is a lie – you don’t mess with perfection).’ So daft. So tongue-in-cheek. 

Did you know that this 80s icon was born in the ‘fun room’ of his house? Or, that that he was responsible for daring Jarvis Cocker to interrupt Jacko’s set on that infamous occasion? Apparently, it was even Pat’s fashion advice that changed the way the Pet Shop Boys dressed forever...! It’s hard to know if any of it is real – one would, I suspect, be safer to assume very little, but it works and works brilliantly. 

The idea his presenting career stemmed from his father's work as a bailiff, seeing - as a kid  - ‘how much fun it had been to run around a house grabbing interesting items’ is so ludicrius, but you can guess where it's heading!  ‘I knew I had a gift. In a way that beautiful people have beauty, or funny people have funny, I oozed presenter from every orifice – predominantly mouth, but not exclusively.’ Inspired, amusing, strangely uplifting in the current climate. 

With a fitting ending and a smattering of glossy celebrity pics from back in the day, this book has all the ingredients for a bit of reminiscing, mixed with tons laughter – what else do we need right now? As Pat says, lets ‘Re-run the Fun.’